READING READINESS AND LANGUAGE ARTS: Third Grade continues to build on your child’s reading skills from second grade. We work with our Reading series – Storytown, as well as using guided reading and reading some novels as a class. We study sentences and grammar in Language Arts.

MATHEMATICS: We use Eureka Math. We cover many topics, building on what the children previously learned in second grade. Multiplication and Problem solving are the highlights of Third Grade Math!

RELIGION: We cover the Church, its mission, and how the Holy Spirit guides us. We also study about our mother Mary, many saints, the apostles, and all of the parts of the church year.

SCIENCE: Our curriculum is based upon the science series, Science Fusion. Third Grade learns how to follow the Scientific Method, the life and parts of Plants and Animals, changes to the Earth, the Moon, the Solar System, and the Water Cycle. Third Graders do a Planet project for the Science Fair.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Learning becomes more in depth that in previous years. We study major landforms, Native Americans, the birth of our country, the Revolution, westward expansion, the economy, and national heroes.

Our school is perfectly placed in the heart of Hudson’s historic downtown neighborhoods. This location lends itself perfectly to several walking fieldtrips as well as short bus rides to several fascinating destinations. These excursions include the following:

  • Orchestra Hall fieldtrip and Orchestra lessons with the Hudson School District
  • Gibb’s Museum of Pioneer Life visit provides enhanced detail to history curriculum.
  • Star Student studies and presentations.
  • Provide entertainment at Christian Community Homes for their annual March Birthday party.
  • The following extracurricular are available to third grade students: Children’s Choir, Greenhouse Club, and Drama Club.

  • Students are expected to complete homework on time by learning to use their student planners. We want them to begin to be more responsible for personal organization.
  • Demonstrate consistent reading progress to aid in become a strong and confident independent reader.
  • Students are expected to show “Shamrock Pride” as part of our school’s PBIS program. Leadership skills and exhibiting positive, helpful and safe behavior is a priority.