• Students will enhance their writing and computer skills through writing about the books they’ve read, examining character traits, making connections to our world and self, and reflecting on lessons conveyed in the novels.
  • Students read approximately 5 books during the school year, and focus on comprehension, building vocabulary, and various literary devices.


  • Students understand the varied forms and structures of the English language through capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Students create writing projects: personal narratives, summaries, and other works by planning, revising, editing, and publishing their ideas.
  • Students utilize technology to research and publish projects.


  • 6th grade students will work on several skills; Multiplication and Division of decimals, rates, ratios, percentages, fraction operations, Algebraic Expressions and Equations, Inequalities, Geometry, data displays, and probability.
  • Students will keep a Math Journal of notes and practice examples to use to help them complete work.


  • In 6th Grade Religion we meet our School’s mission in a wide variety of ways. Students:
  • Learn and explore the roots of our Judo-Christian faith,
  • Progress through the Old Testament from the story of Creation to the Prophets,
  • Develop and practice a variety and forms of prayer,
  • Learn about our Saints and how they have taught, guided, and inspirited us through the ages by researching and creating an individual web site for their chosen Saint,
  • Focus more on the Mass and learning the rich traditions of this prayer through monthly Mass Reflections,
  • Reflect on and build their relationship with Christ and His church and learn how to live their faith in their daily lives.


  • Students focus on physical science – the study of matter, energy, and the changes they undergo. Half of the year we focus on an introduction to chemistry, the second half of the year is physics based.
  • Students are required to pre-read assignments to become familiar with new ideas and vocabulary and create a foundation for class discussions
  • Interactive labs, activities, and projects help provide hands-on and in-depth learning


  • Students analyze historical events in the ancient world including: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, and China.
  • Students identify and use maps and discuss the importance of primary and secondary sources.
  • Students explain historical events and how the Catholic Church has been influenced or influencing.

  • JA Biztown – an interactive day where 5th and 6th grade students learn to apply skills they learn through the Junior Achievement program (every other year)
  • Science Fair – students work in teams to create a Rube Goldberg device that meets the requirements of an annual challenge
  • Egg Drop Challenge – science students create a capsule to protect a raw egg as it is launched from near the ceiling of our school cafeteria
  • Rockets! Science students build and launch a rocket as part of their study of Newton’s Laws
  • STREAM night – an annual event that allows all students to participate and learn about areas related to Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math

  • 6th graders follow a middle school schedule, moving from classroom to classroom, and seeing a team of teachers throughout the day
  • An emphasis is placed on organization and personal responsibility for assignments
  • Support is provided as students learn to be more independent so they are ready to meet the challenges of higher grades
  • Respect for themselves, each other, and teachers and staff is strongly emphasized