READING READINESS AND LANGUAGE ARTS Second graders become strong readers! Reading comprehension and fluency are key components practiced daily using large group, small group, and independent reading times. Specific activities such as Daily 5, weekly Sitton Spelling lessons and cursive handwriting time become part of their routine.

MATHEMATICS Numbers are now being dealt with on the thousand place level where they learn counting, comparison, addition and subtraction. Length, money, data, time telling are studied. Higher level math concepts such as geometric shapes, fractions as equal parts and problem solving are introduced.

RELIGION Sacrament preparation for Reconciliation and First Communion constitutes much of the curriculum this year. We also focus on the parts of the mass as we continue growing our faith with the Catechesis of the Good Shepard Program in our Atrium.

SCIENCE Changes in Matter, Scientific Method, Engineering, and landforms kick –off science exploration. Larger topics include the study of living things and life cycles. In the spring, students present an animal study they have done at the all school Science Fair.

SOCIAL STUDIES In geography students further develop map skills, learn the continents, seas and hemispheres. History lessons cover the Mayflower, early settlements, United States Presidents, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Learning more about other customs from around the world and studying local communities help to broaden their world views. Junior Achievement workshops lead by parents are always fun and educational!

Our school is perfectly placed in the heart of Hudson’s historic downtown neighborhoods. This location lends itself to several walking fieldtrips as well as short bus rides to fascinating destinations. These excursions include the following:

  • Monthly visits to the Memory Care unit at Christian Community Homes to play games and sing songs to the residents.
  • A fieldtrip to Crystal Caves in Spring Valley to learn about landforms.
  • In celebration of receiving their First Holy Communion, second graders honor Mary in a special way at May Crowing in May.
  • Students host a reader’s theatre to show their growth in reading fluency and reading expression.

By the end of second grade we like our students to build their independence both academically and socially.

  • They should be able to take ownership of their learning by being able to choose books that are “good fit books.”
  • They should be able to complete their homework independently.
  • They should begin to recognize the importance of being organized and completing their work on time.
  • They should be able to work problems out with classmates in a respectful way.