READING READINESS AND LANGUAGE ARTS: Students really take off in reading and building independent work skills. They learn phonics rules, comprehension, fluency, expression and more. Students work through guided reading, Daily 5, whole group instruction and independent work.

MATHEMATICS Students build strong number sense and fact fluency. Students are able to build on skills to develop their problem solving skills, as well as working with time, money and measurement.

RELIGION In first grade, we spend a lot of time learning the prayers and build a foundation. We work with Sister Margaret to really dive into the rosary. We explore Saints, the trinity, and bible stories. They help lead Mass parts and greet attendees. We participate in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd religion program taught in our Atrium.

SCIENCE Students are introduced to the scientific method. They have large hands-on units that focus on weather, space, plants and animals. Employing STEM materials, students are able to explore all that science offers. We also participate in the science fair with student directed projects.

SOCIAL STUDIES We learn about jobs, community helpers, communities, government and resources. We also compare the past and present. Students learn more about our country (as well as many other countries through Passport Club) and learn a lot about mapping. Students learn about holidays and traditions. Our Scholastic News provides weekly opportunities to enhance what we are learning and what is going on in the world around us.

Our school is perfectly placed in the heart of Hudson’s historic downtown neighborhoods. This location lends itself perfectly to several walking fieldtrips as well as short bus rides to several fascinating destinations. These excursions include the following:

  • Como Zoo & the Marjorie McNealy Conservatory: This compliments our science units on both plants and animals. We also take an education class while there.
  • The Public Library and Police Station: Which makes a wonderful conclusion to our community helpers unit in social studies.
  • The Phipp’s: We go to support the 7th & 8th graders in their play at the end of the year.

Each day we expect our First Graders to come to school ready learn and have fun! By the end of the year, they are expected to be able to:

  • Be compassionate! We want students to learn to look out for each other and build friendship skills
  • Build stamina! We want students to build independent working and learning skills.
  • Be independent! We want students to learn to tie their own shoes, turn in their homework, begin to use their planner daily, follow routines, and try to solve problems on their own first and work respectfully during class.