• Students read approximately 5 books during the school year, and focus on comprehension, building vocabulary, and various literary devices.
  • Students work on developing their writing skills through Reading Responses where they reflect and make connections to books they read.


  • Students understand the varied forms and structures of the English language through capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Students create writing projects: personal narratives, summaries, and other works by planning, revising, editing, and publishing their ideas.
  • Students utilize technology to research and publish projects.


  • Spend time working on several skills; multiplication, division of larger numbers, decimals, fractions, geometry, and early algebra.
  • Students will keep a Math Journal of notes and practice examples to use to help them complete work.
  • Students practice fact fluency weekly.


  • Students learn about types of prayer, the sacraments, and the parts of mass.
  • Students learn to “talk” to God through their Prayer Journals.
  • Students will learn about our Saint of the Month and explore why that saint is important in our faith.


  • 5th grade science is a general science class that covers topics in life, earth, and physical sciences using an interactive textbook that is also available online.
  • We will spend time exploring cells, body systems, genetics, the Earth and its makeup, the solar system and universe, matter, light and sound.
  • Interactive labs, activities, and projects help provide hands-on and in-depth learning.


  • 5th graders learn about The United States this year from birth to growth and expansion.
  • Several topics of study are Geography, Native Americans, Explorers, Colonies, American Revolution, Government/Constitution, Civil War and Changing/Growing Nation.
  • Students will practice and learn the 50 states and capitals writing their names and finding their locations.

  • UWRF Planetarium to reinforce topics we learn in our study of the universe
  • JA Biztown – an interactive day where 5th and 6th grade students learn to apply skills they learn through the Junior Achievement program (every other year)
  • Science Fair – students select a topic to explore in depth, prepare a presentation board, and present their findings to a team of 3M scientists who give them feedback on their work
  • Gala Project – 5th graders create hand-stitched (by them!) items that will be auctioned off at our annual Gala, a major fundraiser for our school
  • STREAM night – an annual event that allows all students to participate and learn about areas related to Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math

  • 5th graders learn to follow a middle school schedule, moving from classroom to classroom, and seeing a team of teachers throughout the day
  • An emphasis is placed on organization and personal responsibility for assignments
  • Support is provided as students learn to be more independent so they are ready to meet the challenges of higher grades