Back to School Plan – Fall 2021-2022

Saint Patrick Catholic School has developed our Back to School plans with the use of and in consultation with:

  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: School Health Services Interim COVID-19 Infection Control and Mitigation: Toolkit
  • Diocese of Superior – Office of Schools
  • St. Croix County Public Health
  • CDC guidelines
  • Staff of Saint Patrick Catholic School

Our Plan is a working document and will be updated based on new information, actual happenings, and new recommendations / guidelines as information and knowledge changes.

The 2021-2022 plan is a continuation/update of our 17-point plan.

  1. Social & Physical Distancing and Building Usage
  2. Limit Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Spread and Exclusion Criteria
  3. Personal Protective Equipment for School Staff and Hygiene Measures
  4. Cleaning & Disinfection Measures and maintaining a Healthy Environment
  5. Health Office Management
  6. Communicate Behavioral Expectations
  7. Academics
  8. Early Childhood
  9. Responsive Classroom
  10. School Kitchen and Hot Lunch Program
  11. Athletics
  12. Technology
  13. Recess
  14. Field Trips
  15. Before and After School Care
  16. Virtual Learning Options
  17. Mass

Saint Patrick School is operating as full-day – five days a week in school learning.

School-Wide communications and updates will be posted below:

  1. All School Communication – July 29, 2021