With our Flex Scheduling, Preschool Tuition is based upon a starting requirement of 2 half days and up to 5 full days.


Hudson Community 4K (HC4K) is free to all Hudson School District residents.

Non-Hudson residents are able to attend and will be charged tuition. Please contact the school office for the current non-district resident rate.

The Wraparound program provides families seeking full day education/care for 4K students.

Tuition for the 4K Wraparound program is $15.00 per day.


What if we cannot afford tuition? Saint Patrick Parish School is committed to helping any family who desires a Catholic Education for their child(ren). We offer over $50,000 a year in tuition assistance. If tuition assistance is needed, simply fill out a form requesting assistance. Forms are available in the school.

Included in Tuition:

  • Home and School is budgeted $10.00 per student.
  • Normal Field Trips costs are included with Tuition.
  • Fundraising

Registration Fee:

New Families:

  • No registration fee.

Returning Families:

  • Register by March 1, 2019 and there is no registration fee.
  • Register on/after March 1, 2019 and there is a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee. This fee will not be applied to your 2019-2020 Tuition.

Saint Patrick School is committed to helping any family who desires a Catholic Education for their children. We offer over $50,000 a year in tuition assistance. 100% of our students receive some form of financial assistance whether it is partially subsidized by our parish, part of our assistance program, or scholarships, we never want money to come between a family and giving their child an exceptional education.

Please complete the Tuition Assistance Application and return it along with the appropriate tax documents to the principal, Mr. Dan Bell, in the school office.

The purpose of the Sister Kathleen Agnes Brady Trust Tuition Scholarship is to provide need-based tuition scholarships for Catholic children attending Catholic schools in the Diocese of Superior, Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

  • No payment shall be made for purposes other than tuition.
  • Tuition scholarships shall benefit as many Catholic children as possible in the diocese.
  • Only partial tuition scholarship will be awarded.
  • All scholarship grants are awarded based on need as documented in the application process.


  • Request, complete and return application form with attached copy of your most recent Federal income Tax Return to the principal no later than the required deadline.
  • Be an active, contributing, registered member of one of the parishes in the Diocese of Superior.
  • Complete school registration and enrollment procedures for the school year.
  • Application may be made for one or more children in family. Submit only one application form per family.
  • Scholarship grant must be applied to tuition for the year in which it is awarded.


  • Parent/guardian requests application form for Brady Trust Tuition Scholarship from Catholic school principal after March 15
  • Parent/guardian returns completed application form and other documents to Catholic school principal by June 1
  • Principal forwards completed application form to Coordinator of Administrative Services by June 15
  • Applications are reviewed by the Diocese of Superior Brady Scholarship Committee by August 1
  • Coordinator of Administrative Services verifies enrollment of scholarship nominee in Catholic school by September 15
  • Applicant families are notified of eligibility and grant amounts and Diocese mails check to Catholic school to be credited to the recipient’s tuition account by November 1